Online Sports Betting

Thanks to the internet, modern smartphone technology and 24/7 live sports broadcasting, online sports betting is now popular than ever and still on the rise.

Sports alone is exciting enough, but when you add sports betting and free bets into the mix, it definitely spices things up!

There are few sports that you cannot bet on these days as modern day bookmakers cover everything from snooker and darts to ice hockey and handball, heck, they even offer odds on reality TV shows and chess! Traditional American sports such as NFL, baseball and basketball are also well catered for. Whatever sport you’re interested in, you can be sure there’s a sports betting site dedicated to it!

24/7 Online Sports Betting in the Palm of Your Hand

Gone are the days where you had to trudge down to your local smoke-filled betting shop to place a sports bet and take whatever betting odds you were given. Back in the day we were lucky to get one live match on the TV per week! Nowadays it’s a very different “ball game”, sports and online sports betting is big industry and there is always live sports happening somewhere in the world.

Smartphones allow you to easily place bets on the move via sophisticated betting apps. You can also enjoy a huge variety of online sports streaming content, like that of bet365, which is now available to watch directly on your PC’s, tablets and mobile phones!

With the advent of sports betting comparison tools, you can now easily shop around for the best odds from the comfort of your armchair, as there are also a plethora of online sports statistics available to anyone with an Internet connection. Punters have never had as many weapons in their arsenal in the battle against the online bookmakers!

Even Twitter is a valuable tool when it comes to placing sports bets, as you can follow all their latest news directly from the sports stars themselves via their own Twitter profiles. This can provide you with some invaluable pieces of information when it comes to online sports betting.