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NFL (American Football) Betting - Offers, Odds, Tips & Predictions

The NFL (National Football League) is what we call American Football here in the United Kingdom with the USA’s favourite sport is becoming increasingly popular in the UK thanks in part to several NFL games now being held at Wembley Stadium in London.

If you are new to the sport you will find our American Football betting guide explains all the basics of betting on the NFL which can be one of the most exciting sports to bet on with many twists and turns.

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NFL Betting Offers & Free Bets – Catch a Winning Bet

Top NFL Bookies

How to claim NFL Betting Offers

NFL betting offers come in many shapes and sizes. Most online bookmakers will offer up a ‘Welcome Offer’ of some description, often in the form of free bets which can be used to bet on American Football.

Many bookies also have ongoing NFL promotions which are automatically applied to any qualifying NFL bets (and available to ALL customers) such as Paddy Power’s NFL Acca Insurance where you can get your money back as a free bet if one leg of your accumulator lets you down.

How to Bet on American Football matches

Betting on American Football / NFL is not much different to betting on most other sports with a plethora of different betting markets available.

The most basic is the ‘Moneyline’ market which is simply to predict who will win the game but you can choose many other markets too such as ‘First Touchdown Scorer’ or ‘Total Points’. We will explain more about the most common NFL betting markets below.

To place your NFL bets simply visit one of our recommended bookmakers who offer NFL odds, navigate to your chosen match and then to the market you want to bet on. Next, you simply click on the odds to add a selection into your Bet Slip, set your stakes and finally confirm your bet.

Where to Bet on NFL Matches Online

Most online bookmakers worth their salt will accept wagers on all NFL games including preseason and many also take bets on NCAA College football too.

Even though online sports betting is now legalized in some American states with many more sure to come, you do not need to use a US betting site to place your NFL bets. NFL betting has become so popular it’s available pretty much everywhere.

All the major players in the UK such as Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, bet365 and William Hill offer comprehensive NFL odds on American Football including longer term Outright betting odds (aka ‘Futures’) on the Super Bowl winners as well as the individual Conference & Divisional winners.

Top NFL Betting Markets

As previously mentioned, there can be an overwhelming amount of individual NFL betting markets in just a single game but the ones listed below are by far the most common that most NFL punters like to play.

Betting on the straight-up winner (including Overtime) is known as the ‘Money Line’ and is the most common but in games with a very strong favourite the odds may be unattractive. In these cases the Points Spread can offer a good alternative. Read on for a full explanation of each…

Bet on Winner

 Most beginners to American Football betting will first try their luck by simply predicting the overall winner of a particular NFL game. This is called the Moneyline.

There are simply two options for this, Team A and Team B.  If the match ends in a draw after Overtime then all stakes are refunded. This is known as a ‘Push’.

Points Spread

 The ‘Points Spread’ betting markets are popular bet and is basically a handicap system whereby the underdog is give a virtual head start which makes the match up more even. This works well when there is a very strong favourite and betting them on the Moneyline would yield a very small return.

For example, if the New England Patriots are taking on the Cleveland Browns the spread may be -14pts on the Patriots. This means the Pats must win by 15 points or more for a Points Spread bet on them to win. Conversely a bet on the Browns +14pts means that even if they lose by 13 points you bet is still a winner.

Total Points

 This bet is simply an 2-way Over/Under type bet where you have to predict the total number points scored by both teams (including any Overtime).  These totals (or lines) are set by the bookmakers and you simply choose to bet Over or Under.

First Touchdown Scorer

 A popular market with many NFL fans, as the title suggests this is simply predicting which player will score the first touchdown of the game. It is a difficult outcome to predict but the betting odds can be very rewarding.

First Scoring Play

 A short term NFL betting market that asks you to predict how the first points of the game will be scored and by which team. This basically means either a Touchdown or a Field Goal for either team with a ‘Safety’ and ‘No Scoring Play’ being very long shots.

Total Team Points

 Similar to the ‘Total Points’ market above, but this bet just focuses on one of the two teams. Again the total / lines are set by the bookmakers on how many points a team will score and you choose to bet on whether it will be Over / Under this line.

NFL Draft Betting

 You can even place bets on the preseason NFL college draft picks with many bookies. These special NFL bets offer all manner of prop bets such as…

  • Who will be the first player picked overall?
  • How many Clemson players will be selected on Monday night?
  • Total number of Quarterbacks drafted in the first round?
  • And many more.

Bet on Superbowl 54

 A very popular NFL bet especially at the start of a new season is to predict who will ultimately end up lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy in early February.

Also known as ‘Futures betting’ market these bets will tie up your funds for several months but will give you an interest in the NFL action throughout the season, or at least until your team is eliminated.

The likes the New England Patriots, Los Angeles Rams, Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens are often among the favourite teams to win the Superbowl but you can get some very big odds on the outsiders such as the New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars or Arizona Cardinals.

You can also bet each-way on the Superbowl winners market where you will get half the odds for 2 places which means if your team finishes as the runners up your bet will be paid out as winner at half the odds.

NFL Betting Odds 2020/21

As mentioned above there are NFL betting odds available on the outright Superbowl winners in the Futures markets or you can bet on individual NFL games throughout the season. You can also bet on the Conference and Divisional winners.

The Futures markets are constantly changing with the weekly NFL results but at the time of writing (September 2020) the NFL odds for the Superbowl winners in 2021 are:

NFL Live Streaming

In the UK, Sky Sports holds the rights to broadcast live NFL games with 1 game on Thursday (Thursday Night Football), a 3 game triple bill every Sunday and the live ‘Monday Night Football’ game during the regular season.

Therefore any live NFL streaming from the bookmakers sites will be limited to live play-by-play graphical displays alongside the ever changing live odds. Although not the same as seeing the live pictures of course these live graphics can be entertaining and informative as to what is happening on the gridiron.

For the die-hard NFL fans there is also an NFL Game Pass subscription option available via the official NFL site which gives you access to all the live games.

NFL Betting Tips & Predictions