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Rio Olympics Free Bets 2016

The greatest show on earth comes from Brazil in 2016 with the world’s top sportsmen and women going for gold.

The number of Olympics betting offers and available free bets across the many events should retain the interest of anyone who likes a flutter. After a 112 year absence Golf is returning to the Olympics, while rugby is back after a mere 92 year wait.

Rio Olympics 2016

Inspired by the Olympic games held in Olympia of ancient Greece, between the 8th century BC and 4th century AD, the first official modern Olympics took place in Athens in 1896, consisting of just 14 nations and 241 athletes.

The upcoming Rio Olympics will be the 31st Summer Olympic Games. Rio 2016 will see 42 sports contested, with 306 medal events and well in excess of 10,000 athletes taking part.

How to Bet On the Rio Olympics

Rio Olympics betting can be found online, in High Street bookmakers and via your mobile.

As with any major sporting event, Olympics betting offers and Olympics free bets will be widely available as the date nears and of course during the games.

Rio Olympics Betting Odds & Offers

Rio Olympics betting will be available over the coming weeks with prices being published on all events, the overall medal count for competing nations, world records being broken, etc.

New and existing customers can look forward for the Olympic games and expect various valuable opportunities popping up from different bookmakers.

Rio Olympics Betting Tips

As we get closer to the event, there will be numerous Rio Olympics betting previews available across the media.

If there’s one event where the host nation will be desperate to make an impression it will be football, particularly given their humiliating defeat in the World Cup semi-final to Germany in 2014.

Researching some of the lesser sports could prove financially rewarding for the Rio Olympics 2016, with bookmakers unlikely to be hugely knowledgeable themselves as to events they only price every four years.

Rio Olympics Free Bets

If you can open a new account that entitles you to an Olympics free bet, betting tips could be even more lucrative for.

New registrations will be given the opportunity to receive Olympics free bets with bookmakers, provided they meet certain qualifying criteria when placing an initial bet.

Where to Watch The Rio Olympics Live?

An Olympics free bet or two could make for some very enjoyable viewing, as most of the events are being televised live. For those unable to make their way down and buy Rio Olympics tickets, the BBC has the broadcast rights to televise the Rio Olympics in the UK.

When Is the Rio Olympics?

The Olympic Games will be held in Rio from 5th August to 21st August 2016.

Who Are the Main Contenders?

The host nation is invariably well-prepared for every Olympics and Brazil will be no exception. They won three gold medals in 2012, 17 medals in total. They are nigh on certain to comfortably surpass that these upcoming Olympic games. The USA were at the top in both gold and overall medals in London 2012, with China second, Great Britain and Northern Ireland Olympic Team third and the Russian Federation fourth (although the Russians won more overall medals than Team GB).

Olympics History – Most Medals?

Team (overall)

  • USA – 976 Gold (2399 Total – 26 Games)
  • Soviet Union – 395 (1010 – 9 Games)
  • Great Britain – 236 (780 – 27 Games)
  • France – 202 (671 – 27 Games)
  • China – 201 (473 – 9 Games)

Individual (overall)

  • Michael Phelps (USA – Swimming) – 18 Gold; 2 Silver; 2 Bronze (2004 – 2012)
  • Larisa Latynina (Soviet Union – Gymnastics) – 9; 5; 4 (1956 – 1964)
  • Paavo Nurmi (Finland – Athletics) – 9; 3; 0 (1920 – 1928)
  • Mark Spitz (USA – Swimming) – 9; 1; 1 (1968 – 1972)
  • Carl Lewis (USA – Athletics) – 9; 1; 0 (1984 – 1996)