Titan Poker $250 Bad Beat Bonus

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There are few more gut-wrenching feelings in poker than to get dealt a monster hand like quads and have it outdrawn by a bigger hand. These “bad beats” are an eventuality for those of us that play online poker on a regular basis. However, these beats don’t have to be so bad thanks to Titan Poker’s Bad Beat Bonus.

The way the Bad Beat Bonus works is simple. If you lose with a monster hand of quad kings or higher, you will receive $250 into your Titan Poker account. This bonus is similar to those that you see in live poker rooms around the world. For most low stake games, this Bad Beat Bonus may be more than you can win over several session of online poker.

There are a couple of conditions for this Bad Beat Bonus. First, both hole cards must play. Also, both pocket cards of your opponent must play. Next, you must contact Titan Poker Support within 48 hours of suffering your beat in order to claim the Bad Beat Bonus.

All cash game poker games are eligible for this Bad Beat Bonus promotion and it is available for all players. Why would Titan Poker offer such a generous bonus? Simply, a hand such as quad kings or better is tough to beat, but when it happens, this is a way to reward faithful players.

Titan Poker is one of the most trusted names in online poker and has a devoted player pool thanks to amazing promotions and some of the best online poker in the industry. If you have not played at Titan Poker, now is a great time to start. Signup for your free online poker account today and rest assured that Titan Poker has your back with their Bad Beat Bonus.

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