Full Tilt Poker Fun Avatar Tournaments

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One feature that has set Full Tilt Poker apart from other online poker rooms in the past is their use of colorful avatars. Players have enjoyed a wide selection of characters they can use at the tables and players could even change the moods of their avatar to either suit their own or to throw off their opponents. Realizing the popularity of these avatars, Full Tilt Poker has created a new set of customer avatars that players can compete for as part of their Avatar Tournaments

Avatar Tournaments are standard online poker events on Full Tilt Poker that award a customer avatar in addition to the tournament prize pool. You become the mighty T-Rex, a Triceratops, a snappy Crocodile or join WWE’s The New Day and become a Unicorn.

There are ten Avatar Tournaments held each week with buy-in starting as low as $2.50 and going up to $100. A full list of these events is as follows:

Avatar: Day of Event: Time: Buy-In
The Unicorn Sunday 16:00 ET $10
The Crocodile Monday / Thursday 16:00 ET $10
The Bald Eagle Tuesday / Friday 16:00 ET $10
The Walrus Wednesday / Saturday 16:00 ET $10
Velociraptor Monday – Saturday 15:00 ET $2.50
The Raptor Sunday 15:00 ET $2.50
Triceratops Monday – Saturday 15:00 ET $25
The Ceratops Sunday 15:00 ET $25
Tyrannosaurus Rex Monday – Saturday 15:00 ET $100
The T-Rex Sunday 15:00 ET $100

In addition to buying directly into these Avatar Tournaments, you can also satellite your way in for a fraction of the buy-in. If you’re fortunate enough to take down one of these events, your custom avatar will be available for use within 48 hours.

Remember, poker is a game and Full Tilt Poker is helping to keep the game fun with their Avatar Tournaments. Login today and take your shot at winning one of these fun characters.

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