Up to £10,000 with Betfair Poker Twister

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Tournament poker is all about the big win. Many of us got into playing online poker tournaments because of the opportunity to win 10, 20 or event 30 times our buy-in. The problem is that you often have to defeat hundreds and even thousands of players to do so.

What if I told you that you can win up to 1,000 times your buy-in and you only have to beat two players? Interested? If you’re looking for the huge win, then you need to head to Betfair Poker and play Twister Poker.

Twister Poker is three-handed turbo Sit & Go tournaments with randomly generated prize pools. The prize pool is determined at the start of the event and ranged from double your buy-in up to 1,000 times your buy-in.

Here is a quick look at how much you can win playing Twister Poker:

Buy-In Top Prize Pool
€1 €1,000
€2 €2,000
€5 €5,000
€10 €10,000

Every Twister Poker event starts three-handed with each player receiving 500 in chips. Levels are generally a couple of minutes long and many of these events are completed in 10 minutes or less. Imagine sitting down to a €10 Twister Poker game and winning the €10,000 jackpot prize. That would be €1,000 a minute in a 10-minute game.

Twister Poker is one of the most popular forms of short-handed poker in the game today thanks to the potential to win over 1,000 times your buy-in. Better still, the events are affordable for every size bankroll. And lets not forget that there’s a myriad of other potential prizes available besides the jackpot prize.

If you love online poker tournaments but prefer a faster path to a jackpot, then Twister Poker is for you. Signup and deposit today at Betfair Poker and take your shot at huge jackpots with Twister Poker.

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