YouTube Star Joe Weller blasts Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher over horrendous treatment during charity match (Video)

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It seems like Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, is rather bored at the moment.

The former defender turned Sky Sports pundit, has been getting involved in some rather unnecessary confrontations over the last week, including a social media row with former Anfield striker Mario Balotelli.

The latest incident surrounding he 38-year-old, now surrounds an incident with YouTube star Joe Weller.

The TV pundit was taking part in a charity match between Spencer FC and Weller Wanderers in the final of the Wembley Cup on Friday and must have been annoyed by Weller’s attitude or performance as he decided to try and take a chunk out of his opponent, with a quite horrendous tackle.

However, Carragher was not done there as the cameras switched to the former England international berating Weller, and using expletives which are too inappropriate to be posted.

It seems that Weller, didn’t take too kindly to Carragher’s attitude during the match, and took to his YouTube channel today, to urge the former England international to “grow up” after showing zero class on the pitch.

Take a look at the video below.

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