Wexit! Arsenal fans get political in second anti-Wenger protest

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Unless you’ve been asleep under a rock for the past week, you would have heard about the anti-Wenger protest outside the Emirates as Bayern Munich arrived before eliminating the Premier League outfit from the Champions League.

Today another supporter lead protest took place outside the ground ahead of Arsenal’s FA Cup quarter-final encounter against Lincoln City.

Approximately 250 Arsenal fans joined the anti-Wenger march on Tuesday night, but those around the stadium claim today’s protest was slightly smaller.

These fans quite clearly want Wenger to walk from his position as Arsenal manager because it’s pretty evident now that the board aren’t going to sack the Frenchman.

After all, Wenger is the greatest manager in Arsenal’s rich history. A bit of respect wouldn’t go astray.

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The Gunners are experiencing a wretched run of form, losing five of their last seven games in all competitions, a sequence capped by a Bayern thrashing which saw the Bundesliga champions seal a 10-2 aggregate victory.

They desperately need to beat Lincoln today or their season is over, which is a grim thought at the beginning of March.

Lincoln fans, however, brilliantly decided to hijack Saturday’s march.

A great deal of creativity was on show despite sheer anger being showcased by these so-called Arsenal fans.

Although their is nothing funny about Brexit, football fans worldwide often make clever gags about politics.

Wexit – a powerful piece of text.

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