Watch: El-Hadji Diouf slams Liverpool legend Gerrard

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El-Hadji Diouf has launced a stinging attack on Steven Gerrard following the Liverpool icon’s retirement, claiming that he has no respect for the midfielder due to his poor conduct off the pitch.

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The Senegalese forward endured three years to forget at Anfield between, during which time he was a regular teammate of the ex-Liverpool skipper.

And in an interview with French television, Diouf suggested that he felt Gerrard had purposely made things difficult for him on Merseyside following a disagreement between the pair.

“People told me at Liverpool, there was some guys you could not touch, but I touched them. That is why it was complicated for me,” he told SFR Sport.

“When I arrived I showed him he was nothing at all. He was nothing at all.

“I asked him to tell me in which big competition, Euros or World Cup, people think about him.”

Questioned by fellow guest Emmanuel Petit over Gerrard’s status within the game, Diouf then claimed that he holds no respect for the 36-year-old as a result of several incidents which took place within the Anfield dressing room.

He continued: “I repeat. I respect the player, very big player, but the man, I do not respect. And I told him, I let him know that.

“With all my respect I let him know. For me in Liverpool, he was not just a player like anyone else. He had to work and play his football as I had to work and play my football.

“Then as you know, there were some brown-nosers, who went to the manager to repeat what I said. That was the real problem. When Gerrard did that, we had an argument, like real men.

“That is why he does not like me. He knows I say what I think, that when it is not right, no problem, I am up for it.

“He could not, he was afraid of looking into my eyes. He was afraid of talking to me. Let’s not forget when I arrived I did not ask for his shirt. He asked for my Senegal shirt for one of his mates.”

Diouf scored three goals in 55 games for Liverpool before departing for Bolton Wanderers in 2004.

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