Video: The worst miss ever? You decide!

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There is often much debate as to the worst miss of all-time in football, but this recent effort from a Serbian fourth division player takes some beating.

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Although specifics relating to the incident are unclear at the moment, it appears as though the horrific miss came during a Belgrade Zone League match in the country’s fourth-tier.

After robbing a dawdling goalkeeper of the ball, the forward in question quickly made his way to the goal-line, where he then somehow contrived to skew his finish over the bar from all of a yard out.

Harder to miss the target than to score, the open-goal needs to be seen several times to be fully believed.

Rosenthal? Torres? Yakubu? None can be as bad as this, surely?

A day to forget for the as-yet unnamed player whose unbelievable error has quickly gone viral.


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