VIDEO: Mesut Ozil scored one of the all-time great Champions League goals vs Ludogorets

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Mesut Ozil confirmed his genius last night with one of the all-time great Champions League goals against Ludogorets. Arsenal were struggling at the home of the Bulgarian champions and needed something special to help them secure all three points.

Cue a piece of Ozil magic.

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With the score tied at 2-2 in the dying embers of the game, Ozil was sent through clear on goal. Here he would set new standards for composure and elegance. Ludogorets goalkeeper Borjan was the complete opposite. He rushed out like a madman and gave the German playmaker the opportunity to make him look silly.

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Ozil duly obliged, flicking the ball over his head just outside the box. There was never any intention to shoot on goal at that point. He wasn’t done dribbling yet. Two defenders were pawns in Ozil’s move then, left on their arses while the shimmying attacker won the match in a style reminiscent of Dennis Bergkamp.

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