VIDEO: Marouane Fellaini feared LVG, talks about how strict Dutchman was

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Soccer AM probably couldn’t have picked a worse time to upload their interview with Marouane Fellaini. That is, worse from a Fellaini point of view. From where they’re sitting, the weekend couldn’t have gone better. He stole the show. Not in a good way. In a Marouane Fellaini way.

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The Manchester United midfielder came on as a substitute against Everton and conceded a late penalty to leave his stock at a record low. That’s saying something. Fellaini has never been popular at United but is now positively detested by a large section of the club’s supporters for being unashamedly cumbersome.

Even combining that with his penchant for on-pitch assaults, it’s hard not to warm to his character. Fellaini is an interesting chap, a relatively open book. For example, he basically admits he was afraid of Louis van Gaal. When Tubes asked him about it, he couldn’t provide a reply. Yet that spoke volumes.

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Believe it or not, Jose Mourinho is comparatively funny. The Dour One must save his sulky persona for public appearances.  It was also interesting to hear him bring up David Luiz’s challenge on him from earlier in the season. It shows that he’s not only holding a grudge but also that he feels targeted by referees. Typecast as the villain. Will his arc allow him to transform?

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