VIDEO: Man City midfielder Fabian Delph doesn't understand Christmas ads

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He’s a multi-millionaire but Fabian Delph is just a regular bloke when it comes to deciphering the message behind Christmas adverts. Tis the season of vague messages about love and happiness aggressively marketed to consumers who wish to find material objects that represent the happiness that loved ones give them. The Manchester City midfielder sat down in front of a computer to watch a series of Christmas commercials.

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The first advert that Delph feasted his eyes on was by Aldi. It involved a live animated carrot who went on a journey with an ambiguous ending. Sure, he got to fly on a reindeer’s antler but was he later consumed by travel companion? It left Delph feeling short-changed.

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A Waitrose ad with two Robins eating a mince pie didn’t make sense to him either. He sat dumbstruck having seemingly missed the significance of what he just watched. Join the club. Take a gander at Delph reacting to adverts below.

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