VIDEO: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp defends Wayne Rooney after Sun stitch-up

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp leapt to the defence of Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney after he was stitched up by the Sun on England duty. The Three Lions captain was photographed while drunk and those snaps ended up on the paper’s front page. It ‘exposed’ the fact that a few England players celebrated victory over Scotland with a couple of drinks.

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Klopp didn’t see what the big deal was. He defended the current generation of players for being more professional than ever and reminded journalists that all of the greats were fond of a drink or a smoke.

He said: “What I can say is I feel really for the players. I know we’re all on the sunny side of life, we earn a lot of money and do the job we love, but at the end maybe it comes as a surprise that we are also human beings too. Sometimes we’re invited to weddings, birthdays or whatever and we can play the professional role still – ‘No, we don’t drink,’ or ‘If you smoke please stand 20 yards away because I don’t want to be a passive smoker’. That is not how life works.


“This generation is the most professional generation of footballers not only in England, but England too has ever had. All the guys, all the legends we love and admire drank like devils and smoked like crazy but they were still good players. No one does it any more. I don’t know anyone now. We had a Christmas party [after losing to Watford last December] and I had to fill people’s glasses. It’s about timing – when you are in the wrong time at the wrong place and it’s not good as a professional. I have no idea where Wayne was but I’m pretty sure it’s not really serious. It is the not the nice part of our life. Our life sounds like a big catastrophe when things are not perfect. But it’s not like that. Sometimes it is good to have a situation like this – you can fine the player and do something good with the money.”

Liverpool travel to Southampton this weekend in a bid to keep their place at the top of the table.

Watch Klopp speak about Rooney in the video below.

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