VIDEO: Goalkeeper comes to the rescue of injured seagull during FFA Cup final

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Danny Vukovic was on the losing side of the FFA Cup final but he’ll always be a winner when it comes to caring for animals. The Sydney FC goalkeeper is being celebrated on the internet for being a top bloke after coming to the rescue of an injured seagull during his club’s defeat to Melbourne City.

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Just before the hour mark, an unsuspecting seagull who thought he was minding his own business on a patch of grass was hit by a low pass. Lying prone on the ground after the collision, the seagull was clearly hurt and Vukovic signalled to the officials that he wanted to take it off the pitch.

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The momentary stoppage that followed allowed him to do just that, leaving the animal on the sideline. Later, it would recover to fly off to presumably watch over his saviour from afar, waiting to return the favour. Tim Cahill scored the only goal of the game. Watch Vukovic’s seagull heroics below.

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