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(Video) FIFA 17 Journey Mode Leaked: New Feature is a Real Game Changer

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The day we’ve all been waiting for is almost upon us. The 27th of September will mark the release date for very lads favorite video game in FIFA 17.

Some would be quick to point out that this is more than just a game, it’s a lifestyle, a staple for lads and all their mates.

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So cue girlfriends the world over hating on their boyfriends for spending hours on end in front of the black box, because the anti FIFA memes on social media will not stop their eyes from being glued to their TV’s, with their hands firmly gripping a respective  PS4’s or XBOX One controller.

Ok, with that rant now well and truly over, we can begin discussing what only looks like the most epic FIFA game ever created by EA sports. 

Among a host of new features on the new FIFA 17 game comes the new Journey Mode, which features Alex Hunter, the journeyman for all career mode players who had dreamt of making it as a pro when they were younger.

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Check out the amazing footage released starring Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho below: 

Epic is an understatement… This game can’t come soon enough!  

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