Top 5 Jurgen Klopp moments in his first year as Liverpool manager

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Jurgen Klopp celebrates his one-year anniversary as Liverpool manager today, and will undoubtedly mark the occasion with a beer or two.

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The German has been a revelation at Anfield since taking over from the sacked Brendan Rodgers.

While we have seen Liverpool adopt a new ‘heavy-metal’ style of football, Klopp has also given us plenty of moments to laugh.

5. Reacting to Lucas Leiva’s so-called shot in the Merseyside Derby

Klopp was given his introduction to derby day in England when his Liverpool side trounced Everton 4-0 at Anfield in April.

Roberto Martinez was manager of the Toffees at the time, and endured 90-minutes of his side being run ragged by their rivals, leading to his eventual sacking.

However, the former Borussia Dortmund boss was revelling in the occasion when caught laughing heartily at Levia’s attempted shot at the end which, well, didn’t go quite to plan.

4. BOOM!

The more charismatic managers in football are known for coming out with inspiring or laughable quotes. For instance, Jose Mourinho claiming to be “The Special One” when introducing himself to English football was a statement that caught on and continues to get a mention but in a more sarcastic manner nowadays.

Klopp’s moment came when Liverpool overcame League Cup final heartache against Manchester United by stuffing Manuel Pellegrini’s side 3-0 at Anfield under a week after suffering a penalty shootout defeat to the same opposition.


The German described his side’s performance in one word…


3. That ‘f*cking’ loss to Crystal Palace

Klopp says what he thinks and you ought to admire that.

As a potty mouth myself, I enjoy Klopp’s temper at times, and following a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Crystal Palace, Klopp expressed his annoyance by expressing some colourful language.

“I cannot forget this f*cking loss to Crystal Palace,” Klopp said.

2. “I am the Normal One”

October 8, 2015 saw the beginning of a new era at Liverpool. Klopp puts pen-to-paper on a three-year deal to become Anfield boss.

Klopp’s first press conference as manager took place 24 hours later with journalists in abundance ready to fire questions his way.

When asked about Mourinho’s famous quote way back in 2004, Klopp responded: “I am a totally normal guy; I am the normal one, if you want his!”

1. Cringe… Bowing to the fans after drawing with West Brom

Klopp led his players to the Kop to gesture their fans after a 2-2 draw against West Brom.

Not everyone was impressed by the show of affection as it was a game Liverpool expected to win but failed, therefore, didn’t have anything to lap up.

It was an act of small-time but one that singled a few laughs throughout football.

This was one of few incidents that saw us laugh at Klopp as opposed to laughing with the charismatic German.

Here’s to another few years…

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