Top 10 Hottest Trophy Wives

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The Silicon Valley tech boom has created an army of nerdy millionaires more comfortable coding in a hoody than attending high power business meetings in a well-tailored suit.

But don’t think that the days of the alpha male are over.

Alphas rule the roost in areas ranging from business to sport to entertainment and wherever you find alpha males, you’ll find a partner in very close proximity.

Sometimes known as trophy wives, these wives and girlfriends get to enjoy the success of their rich and powerful partners and more often than not, they’re the driving force behind them.

Here’s our list of the top 10 hottest trophy wives, the women behind the headlines.

Melania Trump

There is only one place to start this list, the wife of the most powerful man in the world.

Donald Trump’s relationship history is colourful to say the least. He once remarked that he doesn’t find women who have had babies attractive and left the mother of his children for a string of affairs in the 80s and 90s.

However, the President’s carefree days are over and he’s nicely settled down into the White House with Melania, a former fashion model from Slovenia.

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Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady are like the typical most popular couple in high school.

Gisele, a hugely successful model, plays the role of the head cheerleader for Tom, the man that many people believe is the best NFL quarter back of all time.

Together they form one of the most talked about couples in America, if not the world. If it’s not her modelling for Victoria’s Secret or him being involved in another NFL post season, it seems the world is talking about their diet or children.

Holly Candy

You might know Holly Candy better as Holly Valance.

Under her maiden name, Holly had no problems creating headlines and money of her own as a successful actress and soap star.

Holly’s success and beauty made her a great catch for high flying men and it no surprise that she married multi millionaire property developer, Nick Candy.

Salma Hayek

Yet another woman on the list with an incredible career of her own, Salma Hayek is actually more famous than her husband, François-Henri Pinault.

While Hayek is a world famous movie star, Pinault amassed his fortune (estimated at well over $20 billion) as the chairman of Kering and Groupe Artémis.

Trophy wives don’t always last too long but Pinault and Hayek have a child together so this is one relationship set to last the distance.

Eloise Broady

Some billionaires are given a head start thanks to their family’s wealth but John Paul Dejoria is completely self made.

His journey from common street thug to billionaire takes in the foundation of Paul Mitchell hair products and marrying former Playboy model, Eloise Broady.

Like her husband, Broady has also had success in the world of business and is a philanthropist who makes the most of the couple’s huge shared wealth.


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Kristy Hinze

James H. Clark was one of the first billionaires to come out of Silicon Valley. He was raking in the money before many of the current crop of tech entrepreneurs were born and long before his wife, Kristy Hinze, began modelling.

Hinze, an Australian model and TV host married Clark in 2009. She’s clearly not put off by the 36 year age gap between herself and her husband and has two children with the Netscape founder.

Lucy Page

If you’ve never heard of Lucy Page, you’d Google her. And yet, if it wasn’t for her husband, Larry Page, you wouldn’t be able to.

That’s because Larry Page is one of the founders of Google. Despite paying himself an official salary of just one dollar, Page is worth north of $50 billion.

That pays for a pretty incredible life which he shares with Lucy who has PhD and devotes a lot of time to charity.

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Fabiana Flosi

Bernie Ecclestone is up there with the most eccentric men in sport. The life president of Formula 1 is never short of a controversial opinion or a pithy remark and there’s no doubt he has overseen huge growth in the sport.

Ecclestone’s demeanour in his professional life clearly bleeds over into his personal life.

The first of his three marriages came in 1952 and the latest was to Fabiana Flosi who is 47 years Eccelstone’s junior.


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Ricki Lande

We mentioned the role of alpha males in sport and business earlier so imagine how much of an alpha Robert Kraft is.

Not only is the billionaire the chairman and CEO of the Kraft Group, he also owns the New England Patriots and the New England Revolution.

When Kraft’s wife, Myra, sadly died in 2011 it didn’t take long for a man of his wealth and power to find a partner. He’s now married to Ricki Lander, an actress, designer and model who is almost 40 years younger than him.

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Miranda Kerr

Snapchat is a phenomenon with anybody under the age of 30. The messaging app has made it’s CEO, Evan Spiegel, the youngest billionaire on the planet.

That’s always going to make you popular with the ladies and Spiegel certainly has a beautiful one on his arm in Miranda Kerr.

Australian supermodel Kerr was once married to Orlando Bloom but has since married Spiegel and, at the time of writing, the couple are expecting their first child.

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