10 Times Players Completely Lost It at Wimbledon (Videos)

John McEnroe
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Tennis can be a frustrating game. It’s an incredibly tough challenge of technique, physicality and mentality and the pressure can really tell on the biggest stages.


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There is no bigger stage than Wimbledon so it’s no surprise that we’ve seen more than one famous meltdown in SW19.

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From John McEnroe’s famous “you cannot be serious” rant to Greg Rusedski’s sweary outburst at an umpire, the players’ reactions are often more entertaining than the tennis so join us as we look through 10 times players completely lost their shit at Wimbledon.

John McEnroe – 1981

John McEnroe was one of the greatest tennis players of all time but during his career he was known as much for his temper tantrums as for his ability with a racquet.

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McEnroe’s legendary outbursts saw him dubbed “SuperBrat” by the British press. En route to winning Wimbledon in 1981, McEnroe called umpire Ted James, “the pits of the world” and coined his now world famous “you cannot be serious” catchphrase.

Jeff Tarango – 1995

Despite never making it past the third round of Wimbledon, Jeff Tarango will forever be linked with Wimbledon for his incredible tantrum in 1995.

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The American was initially angry with an umpire’s call but the situation quickly spiralled out of control as he told the crowd to shut up, accused the umpire of being corrupt, walked off the court and then saw his wife slap the umpire.

This is one of the most remarkable moments in Wimbledon’s history.

Tim Henman – 1995

In the same year that he walked off the court, Jeff Tarango was also present when Tim ‘Mr Nice Guy’ Henman was disqualified from the doubles tournament in Wimbledon for smashing a ball into a ball girl’s face.

Angry at being beaten by a routine shot from the opposition, Henman lashed out by hitting a ball into the net without realising that the ball girl had run in front of him.

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BF federer

It may have been an accident but Henman was forced to accept responsibility for losing control of his actions in anger and was therefore disqualified alongside doubles partner Jeremy Bates.

Viktor Troicki – 2016

Viktor Troicki is no stranger to outbursts against umpires. He famously grabbed a TV cameraman to show a mark in the clay but his rage in 2016 was greater than ever.

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Troicki was enraged when the umpire corrected a call from out to good in the final game of an epic five set encounter with Albert Ramos Vinolas. He grabbed the ball, screamed at the umpire but to no avail.

Troicki’s mood didn’t improve when the game was over. He called the umpire horrible, an idiot and the worst ever in an astonishing rant.

Andy Murray – 2013

It’s not just the umpires who cause tennis players to fly into fits of rage. Often they are simply frustrated at themselves.

Take Andy Murray for example. After losing the first two sets against Fernando Verdasco in 2013’s Wimbledon, the British number one was caught on camera swearing in disbelief at his own play.

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The outburst clearly worked as Murray came back to not only win the game but become the first male British winner of Wimbledon in 77 years.

Jonas Bjorkman – 2007

Thankfully for any innocent ears, Jonas Bjorkman’s rage against the umpire in 2007 exploded not in English but his native Swedish.

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The three-time Wimbledon champion was coming towards the end of his career and had clearly had enough against Tomas Berdych. A combination of rain delays and poor calls saw him finally lose his rag and scream at the chair.

Nick Kyrgios – 2015

In a relatively short career, Nick Kyrgios has developed a reputation as the bad boy of tennis.

He’s had a go at fellow players and numerous run ins with umpires including at Wimbledon in 2015.

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Kyrgios was unhappy with the umpire and his own play and appeared to deliberately lose points in the early stages of the third set.

Greg Rusedski – 2003

You’d think that playing in front of your home fans would give you a bonus but that wasn’t the case for Greg Rusedski in 2013.

A member of the crowd called out on an Andy Roddick serve which caused Rusedski to leave the ball and lose the point.

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His anger then boiled over at the umpire for not replaying the point in a now very well-known rant.

Rafa Nadal – 2010

With so many alpha males competing for every little scrap at the top of world tennis it is no surprise that not all the players get along.

Rafa Nadal and Robin Soderling are two of the players who famously don’t see eye to eye so you can understand why Nadal was on edge when he took on the Swede in 2010.

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Nadal is one of the most well mannered tennis players around but even he snapped at the umpire under the pressure of a grudge match.

Fabio Fognini – 2013

Fabio Fognini didn’t exactly do much for Italian stereotypes during his match with Jurgen Melzer in 2013.

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Fognini couldn’t believe a call made by the chair umpire during the match and reacted by falling on the floor, gesticulating wildly and arguing in almost poetic language.

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