Telegraph apologise to Chelsea forward for printing fake news

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The term ‘fake news’ has a tendency to make me shudder. A tingle up my spine like seeing a man past his best before date wearing golden tan with a bleached blonde wig that just looks ridiculously out of place.

Anyway, it’s almost been a year since the Telegraph first claimed that Chelsea striker Dom Solanke was demanding a pay rise.

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The reports in April 2016 suggested that Solanke, now 19, was trying to force Chelsea into giving him a new £50,000 a week contract as well as first team guarantees in order for the forward to commit his future to the club.

But we’re now lead to believe Solanke earns £7,000 per week with his current contract expiring at the end of the season.

On Thursday, however, the Telegraph printed an apology, admitting the Solanke story was false.

“On 18 February 2017 we published an allegation that Dominic Solanke was demanding wages of £50,000 per week from Chelsea Football Club as part of his contract negotiations, We understand that no such financial demands have been made by Mr Solanke and we are happy to make this clear.”

Solanke’s future remains in doubt with growing speculation about a move to Liverpool.

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