Showdown: Gary Neville meets Arsenal Fan TV [Video]

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Gary Neville was critical of Arsenal Fan TV after rants regarding Arsene Wenger got out of hand following Arsenal’s defeat at the hands of Chelsea.

Calling one banner holding Arsenal fan an ‘idiot’, Neville also referred to Arsenal Fan TV as ’embarrassing’.

Arsenal Fan TV weren’t impressed which resulted in Twitter spats and a public debate.

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But credit ought to be given to Neville for taking time out to speak to those behind Arsenal Fan TV in attempt to set the record straight.

They may not see eye-to-eye on everything but there was mutual respect between both parties and it made for good viewing.

In the Arsenal Fan TV corner was Robbie, Troopz, Moh, Claude and DT.

However, for a lot of Fan Channels, pantomime meets opportunist greed. They allow fans to be heard at a time when clubs are only interested in emptying their pockets. They are also guilty of rewarding those with the loudest voices and the lowest levels of self-respect a stage to be a parody of themselves.

Fan Channel culture? More often than not it’s Jeremy Kyle esque.

A lot of it is faux-passion in hope of going viral. There are genuine folk on there who don’t get the same amount of views, but why is that? It’s often those abusing the service that get rewarded.


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