Samir Nasri reveals Pep Guardiola's sex curfew

Pep Guardiola
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Samir Nasri has revealed how Pep Guardiola’s bizarre ‘sex ban’ helped the Spanish boss get the best out of superstars such as Lionel Messi.

Mind you, sex or no sex, Messi would still be up there with the very best footballers of all time.

Rightly considered one of the stranger rules enforced by any football manager, Nasri claimed that Guardiola told his Manchester City first-team that any sexual activity must take place before midnight to ensure they all get enough sleep.

The France international did not spend a lot of time with Guardiola before being sent on loan to Sevilla, but he disclosed the tidbit of information in an interview with L’Equipe whilst on international duty.

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Nasri said: “For him, his players’ sexual activity must take place before midnight in order to get a good night sleep — even if they are free tomorrow.

“He told us this is how he managed to get the best out of Messi and [Robert] Lewandowski, and for them to avoid the maximum number of muscular injuries.”

So, with this in the back of my mind, I have finally come to the conclusion that playing under Guardiola doesn’t sound like much fun. No wonder Zlatan Ibrahimovic can’t stand him.

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