Sam Allardyce set to be axed as England national team boss following undercover sting operation: Manager demands £400k for advice on how to 'bend transfer rules'

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Sam Allardyce is seemingly fighting to keep his job as England national team boss this morning following allegations from the Daily Telegraph that suggest that the 61-year-old attempted to use his position to secure a £400k payment from reporters pretending to be representatives of a Middle-East firm.

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Allardyce, who was appointed England boss in July, travelled to Singapore and Hong Kong as an ambassador and proceeded to advise the undercover journalists as to how to circumvent FA rules in relation to ‘third-party’ ownership of players.

Over the course of two meetings, lasting a combined total of four hours, the former Bolton, West Ham and Newcastle United boss instructed the ‘businessmen’ as to who to ‘bypass’ rules and this investigation forms part of a far reaching Daily Telegraph investigation into bribery and corruption in the game.

Allardyce also went on to insult former boss Roy Hodgson and his then assistant Gary Neville and one wonders just how much longer the big bluff Dudley born manager has left in his post.

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