RIP Vine: A compilation of the best football vines ever

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The following is a celebration of the life of Vine, a social media platform that gave us so much joy. Football’s greatest moments can be contained within seven seconds of a looping clip. It’s a piece showing the best of football vines.

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FIFA Glitches

Those moments of rage-inducing controller-smashing madness were perfect for Vine. Instead of being frustrated by FIFA glitches, we had an outlet for our pain, a support group who knew how we felt.

Sometimes life even imitated art.

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Minnesota United goalkeeper Sammy Ndjock conceded this bizarre own goal in a pre-season friendly against Bournemouth. The fact that it wasn’t a competitive match didn’t stop his howler from being immortalised.

Roy Hodgson

Born to be Vined. Oh God, there are so many.

The Wealdstone Raider

Remember him? Gordon Hill was a viral sensation after being recorded goading the opposition at his local team’s match before turning around and asking ‘ you want some’. We did, actually. Quite a bit.

Andy Tate

The biggest of the celebrity fans spawned by YouTube channels covering the Premier League’s biggest teams. Tate’s rants about the state of Manchester United under David Moyes made him a star.

Henry and Carragher

Sky Sports couldn’t have scripted a better reaction to Brendan Rodgers being sacked by Liverpool. Thierry Henry grabs Jamie Carragher’s leg and the Scouse legend looks directly into the camera. Understandably, it inspired a few parodies.

Marcelo Bielsa sits on a coffee

Self-explanatory, this one.

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