REVEALED: New Man United signing was almost killed by former Spurs striker

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The worrying thing about this story is that we doubt Mido is alone in previously attempting to kill Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Pep Guardiola, Louis van Gaal and Joey Barton are just a few footballing personalities that have had their bust ups with Ibrahimovic, but details have been revealed of matters getting out of hand with former Ajex and Egypt striker Mido.

Having been left frustrated by sitting on the bench for part of a game against Feyenoord, Mido ignored the former Sweden captain when he came on as a substitute. Then, in Zlatan’s autobiography, the 34-year-old revealed how the events unfolded during the altercation after the game, which they lost, and recalled how Mido had called the entire changing room ‘miserable c***s’.

“Mido picked up a pair of scissors and flung them at me. It was completely nuts. The scissors whizzed past my head, straight into the concrete wall and made a crack”, Zlatan’s book revealed.

It’s only fair to get the second half of every story, so when asked about Zlatan during a Sweden documentary, Mido said:

“I was very upset I didn’t start that game. When I came on, we were 2-0 down, I think, and I started arguing with Zlatan on the pitch.

“I had scissors in my hand as I was taking off the wrapping on my ankles. Ten minutes later, I went into the shower and he was sitting at the jacuzzi.

“We just looked at each other and started laughing. I said to Zlatan: ‘You know that I almost killed you?’ And he said: ‘Yeah, I know.'”

So, it was one of those ‘nothing to see here’ moments. Except, it wasn’t and Mido could have found himself in a lot of trouble.

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