REVEALED: What Mohamed Salah did when a man burgled his family home

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Most people would press charges if they found a stranger lurk around their home stealing valuable goods. Not Mohamed Salah, though, when his was broken into during his playing days in Egypt.


The thief in question was caught two days later and despite his father wanting to press charges, it was Mo Salah who convinced him to drop the case.

Instead, Salah gave the thief money to get his life back on track in an incredible gesture of generosity. He then did his bit to help him find employment.

Salah believes everyone should be given a chance to better themselves.

That itself, is something you can base his career on – especially in the English top flight after Liverpool took a risk on a player who didn’t hit the ground running at Chelsea, and was considered by many around Stamford Bridge as a flop.

Today people are arguing whether he’s of the same standard of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

It’s fair to say his attitude matches his ambition to be the very best. A true gentleman.

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