REVEALED: What Daniele De Rossi said when he was asked to warm up

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Lorenzo Insigne found himself sitting on a cooler as Italy made attempts to break Sweden down in a World Cup play-off.

Italy failed and as a result, won’t be competing in next year’s World Cup — a shock to the football world.

Gian Piero Ventura has caused tensions in Italy for not giving Insigne enough minutes on the pitch to bag a goal and keep the country’s hopes alive.

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Even Daniele De Rossi was furious at the decision to leave Insigne on the bench. When asked to warm up, he responded: “Why the hell should I go on? We don’t need to draw here, we need to win!”

De Rossi then pointed towards Insigne, indicating that the Napoli attacking midfielder would have been a better substitution.

Italy lost the first leg of their qualifier back on November 10 after Jakob Johansson scored from 20 yards at the Friends Arena, but despite Italy manager Giampiero Ventura saying that his side needed a ‘great performance’ in the second leg of their play-off, fans were left waiting.


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