Real Madrid contacted one other manager before Zinedine Zidane took over

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While Zinedine Zidane seems like the perfect fit as Real Madrid manager, their very own Pep Guardiola. It turns out the club offered the job to one other manager before appointing the legendary midfielder: The actual Pep Guardiola. A new biography about the Spaniard reveals that he was given the opportunity to cross that bitter divide.

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Speaking in an interview with La Sexta, Guardiola’s biographer Marti Perarnau said: “When [Rafa] Benitez was going through a tough spell at Real Madrid there was contact. There was an approach to Pep Guardiola see what he was going to do after Bayern Munich.

“A representative transmitted the message to [Guardiola], but he replied by saying that he was going to Manchester City and that he wasn’t going to listen to proposals from anyone.”

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We can only imagine what that would have done to Guardiola’s legacy at Barcelona. Probably completely destroyed it. Thrown it right out the window. We only have to look at Luis Figo. He was arguably Barcelona’s best player when he left for Madrid (although Rivaldo might argue otherwise) and he was subsequently showered in pig body parts. But never say never. Maybe somewhere down the road we’ll see Guardiola at the Bernabeu.

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