RB Salzburg player refused entry to the UAE

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That awkward moment when all your mates are going on a trip but something prevents you from doing so.

Yeah, well, it’s not usually as serious as this case with RB Salzburg striker Munas Dabbur.

Dabbur, a 24-year-old is an Arab-Israeli footballer, who represents Israel on the international scene, became centre of conversation after he was left behind for a club trip to the UAE.

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The reason behind Dubbur’s omission from the trip has absolutely nothing to do with Salzburg or the player’s behaviour. Instead, UAE never gave the footballer a visa to enter the country.

It is being suggested in Austria that Dabbur was refused entry to the UAE because he is Israeli. Such rubbish would make you think twice (yet again) about the 2022 World Cup being held in Qatar.

We hope there is not a reoccurrence of this sort. It’s beyond petty.

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