Premier League Talking Points: Arsenal lack bottle, Everton party over and a forever struggling David Moyes

Arsene Wenger
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Arsenal showing an all too familiar fault, if Ronald Koeman isn’t worried he should be and the David Moyes nightmare continues.

When will Arsenal learn to keep their bottle?

What is it with Arsenal? Arsene Wenger once managed teams with enough mental strength to go round, but for years now they’ve lacked winning mentality without any sign of a fix.

Arsenal have shown great form of late but the scoreless draw with Middlesborough at the weekend is just a predictable twist. In fact, it cannot even be deemed a twist anymore. Just same ol’ Arsenal.

The Arsenal and Spurs lads must be drinking the same tap water?

Everton – winless in five games

The optimism surrounding Everton manager Ronald Koeman has suddenly evaporated with the Toffees winless in five games.

You look at the squad Koeman has available and think, ‘yeah, they could go on a decent run or two this season’ but Everton have lost the run of themselves in party/new manager mode.

It’s time to concentrate, show more aggression and grind out some results.

Too early to judge this United side as a Mourinho team?

For starters, we have seen little to nothing that suggests this Manchester United squad can adopt the Jose Mourinho way of playing.

Some of the players are not United players, while recent signings made by Mourinho have not made the expected impact, which may be down to multiple factors.

After another summer transfer window this will become more apparent.

Over 40 minutes locked into a dressing room, the Man City players post-Southampton draw

Pep Guardiola had a face like thunder. Not a single win in the month of October with two games remaining until we hit November, and that will play on the former Barcelona manager’s mind as more questions are asking regarding Manchester City’s recent blip.

The players were kept in the dressing room for longer than usual on Saturday after a display that could have easily seen Southampton beat the title contenders. That spark we all admired at the beginning of the season seems to have disappeared.

City need to rediscover their mojo and teach John Stones to pass the ball to his teammates, not the opposition.

Is David Moyes damaged goods?

David Moyes was made out to be the idiot abroad (Karl Pilkington reference) in Spain managing Real Sociedad but he can’t put language barrier down to his closer to home shortcomings post-Everton.

And for a manger often praised for stability in the Premier League, what has he got to show for it? Nothing.

Sunderland are without a win this season and Moyes looks baffled pitch side. No-one is surprised.

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