Picture: Mother of James Rodriguez receives death threats online

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Sadly, cons often outweigh pros on social media.


Freebets.co.uk use it to produce original, humorous and helpful content. But some people abuse the service and share countless amounts of vulgar content from an online anonymity.

How brave.

James Rodriguez’s inability to line-up for Colombia in the latest round of World Cup qualifications has led to the Real Madrid star and his mother receiving death threats via social media network Twitter.

Journalist Pilar Rubio shared some of the posts she had received that related to her son, and although her profile is private the images have since been shared.

The picture translates: “I am travelling to your home, I am armed, say goodbye to everything you love.”

James cannot play for Colombia due to a calf strain that also saw him miss out on Real Madrid’s 1-1 draw with Eibar. This is totally unnecessary.

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