Picture: Mario Balotelli takes hairstyle inspiration from Manchester United star

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Having played for Manchester City and Liverpool, Mario Balotelli never appeared to favour the red side of Manchester, although a recent Instagram upload would suggest he may be inspired by one Manchester United midfielder.

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Marouane Fellaini once looked like a running microphone with a black fuzzy afro-esque hairstyle, but decided to switch things around prior to Euro 2016.

Dying it blonde, the Belgium international jazzed things up but still looks a tad bizarre.

Seeking advice regarding his appearance, Balotelli suggested a very similar style for his Instagram followers to comment on.

Yea or nah? ?

A photo posted by Mario Balotelli???? (@mb459) on

My question, however, is how will Balotelli grow something of this nature so quick? It’s not an overnight job like his spells at recent clubs.

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