Petr Cech Screamed At Mike Dean And Arsenal Fans Love It

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Arsenal fans have not held back in their criticism of referee Mike Dean following their 1-1 draw at West Brom on Sunday, and Petr Cech has also joined in.


The Gunners were leading 1-0 going into stoppage time, but Dean then awarded the home side a controversial penalty, which Jay Rodriguez duly dispatched, stopping Arsene Wenger’s men from recording back-to-back away wins.

In his post-match interview on Sky Sports, Cech made his feelings about the situation perfectly clear, having been booked for his protests at the time.

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“First I got a yellow card for saying this is not a yellow card. Every time we have a meeting with the referees at the start of the season and every time it comes to this point,” he said.

“The player is too close to the ball, he has no chance to react, his hands are by his side – that will never be a penalty.

“Then when the referee gives this, with two minutes to go – that’s why I ask him why he changes his opinion to give a penalty when every time we have this meeting and It’s clear that they are saying this is a pen,” he added.

“And I got booked as well so I think this is the most disappointing because he could have told me whatever ‘come later’ or something like that but he just walks away and gives me a yellow card. I was not rude, I was just asking a question and I think this disappoints me even more.

“First the penalty situation and second the way I expect when I walk towards the referee with the respect and ask him a question I would as well like that he answers to me in a normal way, not giving me a yellow card and saying nothing.”

Arsenal fans took to Twitter to commend Cech for his comments.

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