Nurse beds Antonio Valencia then claims his wife had 'a lucky escape'

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A 24-year old Nurse, named Sophie Vagsaeter, allegedly bedded Manchester United star Antonio Valencia.

She apparently met up with the Ecuador international on the weekend his team lost to rivals Manchester City, after refusing to on numerous occasions prior to that.


However, since the alleged affair Valencia has split from his wife Zoila Meneses and the Vagsaeter has now stated she did Meneses a favour.

She told The Sun: “While I’m sorry their marriage is over, she is definitely better off without him.

“He’s a creep. He’s cheated on his wife countless times. She has had a lucky escape. He thinks his money gives him so much power he can do anything.”

She then went on to reveal how she finally gave into meeting the Manchester United star after he had begged her to on quite a few occasions.

Apparently, Valencia told her that he would ‘treat her like a queen’ and even paid a whopping £1,600 to fly her from Norway, at short notice, so the pair could have sex at a hotel.

“We began messaging privately and got to know each other. He sent me photographs of him sunbathing and visiting Ecuador. I even got one of him with his mother.

“He must have asked me three or four times to visit him. He kept telling me how pretty and beautiful I am. I always refused. But finally when I had some time off work I agreed. He said he would treat me like a queen.”

Valencia, who is currently away on international duty with Ecuador, is yet to respond to any claims.

See his goal for Ecuador on Thursday night below:

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