Mourinho was right about Alexis Sanchez and here's why

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Alan Shearer has backed Jose Mourinho after the Manchester United manager played hardball with some of his players after the league loss to West Brom.

Mourinho dropped a cluster of big names for the subsequent game, and claimed anyone who did well would work their way into the line-up for the FA Cup semi-final against Tottenham Hotspur.

Despite that, one dropped player – Alexis Sanchez – made sure to make his mark in the semi-final – which he seems to love doing, and paid Jose Mourinho back for his faith tenfold.

United are now on their way to the final, despite being a goal down within ten minutes, and will face either Mourinho’s former club Chelsea or relegation fodder Southampton.

“It’s a superb header,” Shearer said, “It’s a tough one to get on target, let alone getting the pace behind it. But we said before the game, perhaps that was one of the reasons why Jose Mourinho played Sanchez because of his record here at Wembley. He loves playing here.”

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