Mario Balotelli earned Liverpool bonus for not spitting at anyone

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The latest round of Football Leaks has revealed an incredible clause that Mario Balotelli had in his Liverpool contract. The Italian striker, now at Nice, would receive a £1 million bonus if he didn’t spit at anyone on three occasions. If he did such a thing then he would lose his bonus payment for the season, the Star report.

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Sports journalist Richard Beech told BBC 5 Live: “If he spat more than three times, he would be fined a million pounds or whatever that bonus payment was for the season.

“If you just think about this in terms of turning up at work at Christmas for your bonus and you go into your boss’ office and he says ‘Steven, you’ve only spat at other employees twice this year so you’re still going to get your bonus’.

“It’s just a little bit weird.”


Surely there’s an explanation for the clause. Perhaps all of the players at Liverpool have it in their contracts because the club truly detests spitting. We doubt that the bonus was for not spitting but rather that it was taken away if you were found guilty of spitting at teammates or opponents. Bizarre.

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