Mario Balotelli crashed Mino Raiola's car after goals on Ligue 1 debut

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If you live for wacky Mario Balotelli stories then breathe this one in good and deep, my friend. The eccentric Italian forward has continued his hi-jinks in France after moving to Nice from Liverpool in the summer. He’s been a hit on the pitch, banging in the goals from the off.

Balotelli announced himself to Nice supporters with two goals on his debut in a 3-2 win over Marseille. Luckily for him, he just so happened to make a bet with Mino Raiola about scoring that very amount.

The super-agent was quoted by The Sun talking about a bet he made with his client: “One day Mario asked me if he could use my Bentley. I said, ‘score two goals against Marseille and we’ll talk about that.’ I obviously forgot about it then, until he called me up asking for the keys.

“He took it to a discotheque (club) and crashed it into a post when reversing…he called up to apologise. I forgave him, I can’t stay mad at him. Mario is phenomenal, but he is always going to be Balotelli.”

And we’re thankful that he’ll always be Balotelli. Journalists have filled an extraordinary amount of column inches about the crazy adventures of the former Milan forward. May they long continue.

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