Manchester United’s FIFA 17 player ratings ‘leaked’ on social media

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For months fans of the award winning EA Sports franchise, have been teased by trailers and new features without being told how each player’s abilities will change in the new game.

But with the release of FIFA 17 drawing closer, Manchester United player ratings appear to have been leaked online, and it’s fair to say that this time looks rather tasty.

In past years, the weeks leading up to the game’s release have seen inaccurate player rating rumours, but if the tweet (below) of United’s new ratings is correct then the Red Devils will be a very tough team to beat in the new FIFA.

Whilst fans may disagree with some of the player ratings awarded, the fact that the Manchester club have recently signed a new three-year partnership deal with EA Sports last week, may perhaps give an indication as to why they are rated so highly.

Check out the ‘interesting’ player ratings below.

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