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Manchester United star would have pursued career in accountancy had he not turned professional footballer

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Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford spoke to well renowned YouTuber Spencer Owen at this week’s FIFA 17 launch event.

The game, created by EA Sports, will officially be released in the UK at midnight and we’re extremely excited about getting our hands on a copy. You can also enter our competition to win one for yourself on the Playstation or Xbox console.

Rashford, featured in a Q&A on the Spencer FC Youtube channel, revealed he would probably have pursued a career involving numbers had he not been a professional footballer.

“When I was in school I was quite good at maths,” the 18-year-old said, “so anything like accountant or stuff like that.”

Rashford also revealed that the best United player at FIFA is probably Wayne Rooney, although he’s never played against him.

What a relief to hear Rooney is good at something football-related nowadays.

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