Man City keen to land Arsenal star and don't want him to move abroad

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Arsenal are trying to either keep Alexis Sanchez this summer and tie him down to a new deal, or at the very least, get some money from him, and see him at least sold to a club abroad.

The fans have seen so many of their top players sold to other clubs, who are rival sides domestically, and given Alexis is their star man, not to mention the fact that they of course already have huge issues with the board and transfers, it may well prove too much for many of them.

Not only that, but Arsene Wenger is not popular with the majority of the fans, and they would certainly blame him should he allow that to happen, given his relationship with Alexis isn’t thought to be good.

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City meanwhile are trying to strengthen their squad, and think that a player like Alexis will fit in with the mantra Pep Guardiola is trying to create.

They’re not the only Premier League side to be linked with Alexis, with both Chelsea and Man United both keen on the player.

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