Liverpool star wants to stay at club for 'many years'

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When Roberto Firmino left Hoffenheim for Liverpool in 2015, the Brazilian had to adapt to the demands of the Premier League.

Like most players it didn’t happen instantly. But under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp, Firmino has blossomed and become one of Liverpool’s biggest threats going forward.

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For years Liverpool have struggled to keep hold of their best players. Fernando Torres left for Chelsea and went on to win the European Cup, while Luis Suarez is still in Barcelona winning everything except for individual awards boasted by teammates or fellow LaLiga counterparts.

But under Klopp that may change. If the players believe in what’s happening and can see a wave of success, why would they move elsewhere? Firmino sounds as though he is convinced by the German and we doubt he’s alone in thinking that.

Firmino said: “You really do notice that the pace is very high here but it is a type of football that I enjoy.

“I am giving my best to the team like all the other players and everyone is happy with the work they are doing. That’s reflected in the football we are producing and the fact that everyone is enjoying themselves.

“I love playing here and hopefully it is something I can continue to do for many years.”

Recently finding himself in a negative media storm for drink driving, Firmino is an essential member of Klopp’s Liverpool.

The Brazilian needs to cut the off-field antics and continue what he’s doing on the pitch because that’s where Liverpool need him most.

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