Just like Mozart: Real Madrid star compared to famous composer

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Sporting Clube de Portugal coach Aurelio Pereira believes that Cristiano Ronaldo’s hard-work and dedication makes him similar to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The current favourite for this year’s Ballon d’Or after winning the Champions League and European Championship during the 2015/16 season, the Madrid forward goes back to where it all began on Tuesday evening, when he plays against former club Sporting.

And Pereira, who played a formative role in Ronaldo’s early development, has suggested that the 31-year-old’s desire to constantly improve was similar to Mozart in that it sets him apart from others in his field.

“They say that when Mozart was six years old he had already done 3,500 hours of practice on the piano,” he told AS. “Cristiano is like that, a natural talent, but who has always worked on it. Having talent is not enough to be a genius, you must put in the work.”

With Tuesday’s game in mind, the Sporting youth coach also discussed Ronaldo’s transition from a pacey wide man to a goalscoring centre-forward.

“As a boy, Cristiano was more of an artist than today,” he added. “Today he is more an athlete, as he has changed, remodelling his body to meet the demands. He has moved from a fantasy footballer into another more physical type of player.”

“At the start, Cristiano was not a goal scorer, he was a box-to-box player,” he said. “Aged 11, he used both left and right foot. He defended well, he occupied the whole pitch, he was fast and skillful, even good in the air. He was a complete player.

“[Over time] he has transformed himself with training and in the end became a goal scorer. He changed his own way of playing to become what was valued most.”


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