Jose Mourinho brands one man 'the worst manager in the history of the Premier League'

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Jose Mourinho has branded former Crystal Palace boss Frank De Boer as ‘the worst manager in the history of the Premier League’ after he claimed Marcus Rashford needed a different manager.


De Boer claimed after Rashford’s brilliant display against Liverpool that the player should be looking for a new coach with Mourinho refusing to give him a starring role this season.


De Boer claimed that Mourinho is only focussed on results and is not willing to let the player fail to learn from his mistakes.

‘It’s a pity that the manager is Mourinho because normally he’s an English player you want to give him time and he can then make mistakes,’ De Boer explained.

‘But Mourinho is not like that. He wants to get results. If he has one or two not good games, he puts him out.’

‘He’s a player, he’s very young, he needs games, but he’s so talented. You want to see this player every week.’

Safe to say, Jose Mourinho was not up for a laugh and a joke after also hitting back at Gary Neville recently and reacted by claiming, in no uncertain terms, what he thought about his comments.

‘I read something, some quote from the worst manager in the history of the Premier League – Frank De Boer,’ Mourinho explained.

‘What he was saying was not good for Marcus Rashford to have a coach like me because the most important thing for me is to win. If he was coached by Frank, he would learn to lose because he lost every game.’

Safe to say, De Boer won’t be commenting on anything that Mourinho does again anytime soon.

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