Joey Barton makes case for retrospective ban with attempt to get Lincoln man sent off

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Conference side Lincoln beat Burnley in what may be the biggest upset in the FA Cup this weekend. They became the first non-league side to reach the Quarter-Finals of the competitions in 103 years.

For anyone that watched the game, Lincoln winning wasn’t all that much of a shock. They fully deserved to progress at the cost of Premier League outfit Burnley.

Top Free Bets

Burnley midfielder Joey Barton is not one for behaving himself, so it came with little surprise that his antics left a sour taste in the mouth of spectators.

Barton went down holding his head in a pathetic attempt to get Lincoln’s Bradley Wood sent off – which thankfully was ignored by the referee.

He also appeared to strike a Lincoln player in the face during a separate incident.

Unsurprisingly, Barton, a glorified loudmouth, took to social network Twitter afterwards to explain his actions. He claimed to have been hit on the head but no-one will buy into his exaggerated version of events.

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