Joey Barton once believed Manchester United wanted to sign him

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We can all be naive (ask Sam Allardyce) at times but come on!

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Joey Barton fell for a hoax call from Sir Alex Ferguson, and believed the Scottish manager wanted to make him a Manchester United player.

But it was a friend of Barton’s agent who pretended to be Ferguson before he signed for QPR in 2011.

“I’ve seen what you’re up to on Sky. Don’t go doing anything silly now. Why don’t you come here and we’ll have a conversation?” ‘Fergie’ told Barton when he picked up the phone.

“What are you waiting for?” I asked McKay. “Turn the bloody car round”,” Barton wrote in his book No Nonsense: The Autobiography.

“Finally, a big club, and a great manager, had come to their senses.

“I would give Manchester United’s midfield a bit of bite, an injection of urgency,” added the Rangers man, when in reality, he would also offer a downgrade in quality.

Imagine the headlines. Barton, a former Manchester City bad-boy, joining United only to lead by example for the club’s youthful prospects.

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