Jeremy Mathieu free kick leads to FIFA 17 rage quit

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Find yourself losing sleep over the past week? Yeah, me too, and EA Sports are to blame.

The release of FIFA 17 last Thursday has players trying to fit in as much time — around work and other commitments — to playing the game.

That is, however, a compliment to the creators of FIFA 17. It’s been a success with thousands beyond thousands playing online each day.

Speaking of online matches, though, there’s nothing quite like rage quitters. The type of gamer that quits early through temper, or alternately sends childish messages after being beaten.

Boo-hoo! Bless your cotton socks.

Moreover, this happened when one player scored a stunning 46-yard free kick took by none other than Barcelona’s Jeremy Mathiew, who had slightly better fortunes after scoring a real life own goal versus Celta Viga on Sunday.

Already 2-0 up, the French centre-half scores an audacious set piece that swerves past Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas.

The rage quitter immediately reacted by switching his console off, therefore, awarding the player with Barcelona a win despite less than 40 minutes played.

Has he/she forgot about Liverpool’s memorable comeback in Istanbul?

Luis Enrique may need to revaluate his free kick alternatives in the squad now that Lionel Messi is absent through injury. Mind you, the Argentine should return after the upcoming round of international fixtures is finished.

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