Incredible act of sportsmanship spotted in Germany [Video]

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As you should be well aware by now, we love a good story at Especially when it’s of good nature and sportsmanship.

A video from Germany has gone viral this week showcasing a great deal of fair play from one footballer in particular.

That footballer, applying his trade at FC Bocholt, is Timo Munoz, who was graciously thanked by members of the opposition that play for Baumberg.

Top Free Bets

On the back of a stunning attack, Timo Munoz crashed to the ground inside the Baumberg box. FC Bocholt were trailing at the time and the referee pointed to the spot awarding a penalty despite no contact being made.

The Baumberg players were understandably outraged but Munoz went out of his way to correct the referee’s decision to say he wasn’t touched before going down.

The official then reversed his decision, while Munoz got a kiss from one of the Baumberg players for his top drawer sportsmanship.

See the video below.

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