Huge claim made about Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp comes across as one of the happiest men on the touchline, but according to one former Liverpool player, he’s a very tough man to impress.

That’s the view of Sami Hyypia who thinks that the manager has always been known as someone who isn’t to be messed with, and while he certainly maintains relationships with his players that bring out the best in them, he also knows where to draw the line – something former Liverpool player Mama Sakho knows all too well.

Klopp’s side could well make the Champions League final this term, and have been nothing but impressive when attacking, with Mo Salah one of the best players in the world right now – if not the best, and someone who is showing what hard work and not giving up on yourself even if others do can mean for your career.

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Klopp could be in line for a manager of the season award should his side manage to win the Champions League, but he won’t be taking anything for granted yet – and Hyypia thinks the players on the field also have a huge part to play.

“I knew already from my time in Germany that he’s a good manager,” he said.

“I think he’s very strict that he keeps his ideas and puts his ideas in the heads of the players.

“It’s up to the players then to put it on the field.

“At the moment they are doing it very well.”

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