FIFA vs PES 2017: Which game has the better graphics? [Pictures]

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It’s the age old question isn’t it…. FIFA or PES?

Since the dawn of time, football gaming fans have had to make a choice, about which side of the divide they stand on.


Whilst FIFA currently holds the title as the best football video game, Pro Evolution Soccer is slowly attempting to get back to it’s glory days from a decade ago, and with both rivals competing against each other, it really is a win win for fans looking to purchase either franchise.

With the upcoming releases of both games imminent, we at Free Bets, bring you ten pictures which might help you make up your mind about which game has the better graphics.

PES 17

Pro Evolution Soccer will continue to use the FOX engine adopted last year, with improved lighting and animations in the game. Players looked much more realistic in the previous edition with the switch to FOX engine and thus will only be slightly improved in the new edition of the game.

PES 2017 - Barcelona

PES 2017 - Barcelona

PES 2017 - Barcelona


FIFA 17 will be entirely different in terms of graphics following a decision from EA to move from the Ignite engine to Frostbite(used in games like Mass Effect and Battlefield), making it possible for the new edition of the game to adopt volumetric lighting. This transition to a more realistic engine hints at better facial emotions and true-to-life game experience. The number of animations has been tripled as EA looks to bring expressive reactions to match events in the game.

Image result for fifa 17 graphics pictures

Image result for fifa 17 graphics pictures

Image result for fifa 17 graphics pictures pogba

A Paul Pogba comparison

Image result for pes 17 pogba

How about Manuel Neuer?

Image result for PES 17 v Fifa 17 player faces

If those graphics weren’t enough to make up your mind, then check out the video comparison video of both games in action, and decide for yourself.


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