FIFA 18 - Top ten best players: Here are the stars who should get the top ratings

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FIFA 18 will be released on September 29th and fans are already getting a look ahead as EA Sports revealed the top players ranked 80 to 61. Cristiano Ronaldo is featured on the cover, but rival Lionel Messi could surpass him as the top player in the game. Here’s a look at the stars who should be at the top.

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#10 Paul Pogba

The Manchester United playmaker is expected to move up in the rankings, as the center mid can help lift the Premier League title this season. A threat in the middle of the pitch, he had an 87 Dribbling along with his 87 Physicality which will likely go up in FIFA 18.

#9 Sergio Aguero

The Manchester City striker can land himself amongst the best in FIFA 18, after missing out on the elite 10 last year. He deserves a higher ranking, and likely to score many goals, having previously had an 89 Pace, 88 Shooting, and 89 Dribbling.

#8 Antoine Griezmann

The Atletico Madrid striker will likely improve upon his previous 88 ranking and land himself at the top. The Frenchman possesses a quality finishing touch, amazing vision and is a popular pick among fans due to his iconic celebrations.

#7 David de Gea

The Manchester United goalkeeper is the second highest rated goalkeeper in the game. He had one of the highest Reflexes in FIFA 17 with 90 and likely to move up this year. His acrobatic ability makes the Spaniard a challenge to score against.

#6 Gareth Bale

Real Madrid striker is a supreme dribbler and has a pace to beat multiple opponents. His finishing capabilities make him a threat in the attack and difficult to stop.

#5 Manuel Neuer

The German keeper remains a top choice, winning the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich and the best goalkeeper in FIFA 17. He provided extraordinary numbers, with 91 diving, 90 handling, 95 kicking, 89 reflexes, 59 speed and 91 positioning. He is likely to continue to boast big numbers this year.

#4 Luis Suarez

The Barcelona striker will remain the fourth best player in the game and will bag plenty of goals in FIFA 18. His incredible shooting skills earned him a 90 ranking last year and superb dribbling with an 87. He will be a huge threat once again and deadly in one-on-one situations.

#3 Neymar

The superstar striker joined PSG, becoming the most expensive footballer of all time with the £197m move. The Brazilian is expected to dominate FIFA 18 with stellar numbers and remain the third top player for the second straight year.

#2 Lionel Messi

The Barcelona star continues to provide gamers with stellar abilities and expected to remain the best dribbler with a 96 ranking. The versatile playmaker is viewed as one of the greatest players of all time, and projected to have another brilliant year in the game.

#1 Cristiano Ronaldo

The Real Madrid superstar lifted the Champions League and La Liga titles last year, and continues to battle Messi as the top player in the world. The top ranked player in FIFA 17 had a 92 Pace, 92 Shooting, 91 Dribbling and is as strong with 80 Physicality. It’s no surprise he will remains No 1.

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